Wednesday, November 12, 2014

#Diary of the Weird and Wonderful: #amwriting

Good morning world!

So, I know I've promised I tell you all about my favorite YA novels this week, BUT... and yes, there is one, of course - I got sucked into writing again. Thanks to my two-week hiatus, I thought to catch up this weekend and what do you know...I'm still writing! I've spent every free minute dreaming, plotting and typing whatever the voice in my head (the one I affectionately call 'my creative bitch LOL) told me to.

And... I've got about five chapters left of Sword of Fire! I'm so proud and happy and what-not, because that means that my baby is going to be out at around Christmas. YEY!

I think it turned out good so far...but I'll have to read the thing as a whole first, to be absolutely sure ;)

Anyway, the promised blogs will find a way to you, but a bit later than I thought - so maybe at Saturday or Sunday, whenever I need a break from all the drama and fighting that is waiting for me in Sword of Fire!

Great News: I'm proud to announce that Carla was equally productive with Old Soul's Coven #2, despite the distractions of a) college and b) life with a boy and a husband! You rock, girl! 
But I digress, so back to what's important: I've got the pleasure of reading an ARC of her new book, and... it's so, so, so, so gooood! 
(I believe my exact words were "Fuck me sideways, you did it again!" - how's that for feedback? LOL) 

Wish you all the best and a great time with everything you do!

Monday, November 10, 2014

#Watch This! (Movie Review)

Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie (2014)

Movie Description: The movie sees Agnes Brown go to court to protect her family's stall at Dublin's Moore Street market from a corrupt Russian businessman who wishes to convert it into a shopping centre.

Plot: When Agnes Brown (Brendan O’Carroll) and her friends find their market stalls being closed down one-by-one, Agnes makes a stand against P.R Irwin (Dermot Crowley) and his Russian Associate. Agnes’s grandmother (she owned the market stall before Agnes) apparently didn’t pay her taxes, leaving the debt to be paid by Agnes which lands her in court. The Brown family band together along with an alcoholic solicitor, a barrister who has Tourette’s syndrome and some blind Ninjas, to find a piece of evidence to help Agnes win her case.

When the movie came out in the cinema I’d heard from quite a few people that it wasn’t as good as the series, but personally, I think it was better. Instead of filming everything in a studio, it was out in the real world of Dublin. There was still funny out-takes that were kept in, some stunts, and granddad wasn’t sat in his chair for the full movie. But for me the funnies part of the movie was the last line; Agnes jumps onto a counter and grabs a lady by her scarf, after yelling some abuse she gets down and say’s to Winnie (Eilish O’Carroll) “I landed right on my cock.” I literally fell on my sofa laughing!!

5 stars for Mrs. Brown!!!



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